F10 Catering, Zenyara, + Adidas Mash Up - Where Desert Living Meets Resort Luxury

Complete with a tennis court, basketball court and soccer field, Zenyara really has something for everyone. As you can imagine its a perfect property for a large scale event, like this past season’s Adidas Sport Club - hosted in April and catered by F10 Catering during Coachella weekend.

We had so much fun working with the Adidas and our friends at Zenyara to bring this event together.

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F10 Catering + IG Desert Chill

This past season we had the privilege of being apart of some ridiculously rad events.  Our menus are always creatively inspired, locally sourced and meant to be shared amongst friends and family. Check out some of our favorite moments from Instagram’s Desert Chill Party this spring!

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