10 Outdoor Showers That Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed and Inspired

Rinse off under the sun (or the stars!) in one of these open-air bathrooms. Palm Springs is known for its relaxed poolside culture and nothing says luxurious like your own outdoor spa. Rustic, modern, lush or minimalist — these ideas will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

1. Opt For Sleek Lines

The perfect balance between rustic roots and modern style. Add in an oversized skylight to take in the beautiful Palm Springs sunsets and clear evening skies. Talk about bringing the outdoors in.

2. Side by Side

Create an indoor/outdoor shower that leads onto a private patio. It’s perfect for a house in a region that's cool in the winter and hot during the summers and great for those who like to dry off au-natural.

3. Architecturally Unique

Sculptural walls, thatched roof, high shower head. Make your outdoor shower a spectacle to be enjoyed by the body and mind.

4. Outdoor Bathtub

Why settle for a regular bathtub when you can have one that’s outdoors? If you have an enclosed courtyard or private nook in your backyard, this setup could be exactly what your home is missing.

5. Opt for Minimalism

Take full advantage of the fresh, open air. To incorporate a more modern element, opt for clean lines and a sleek, modern shower-head.

6. Keep It Rustic

Imagine coming home to this dreamy space after a weekend of wine tasting in Sonoma Valley. Make it your own by adding waterproof decor.

7. Add Seating

Your outdoor shower doesn't need to have tons of bells and whistles to be beautiful, but the addition of a bench adds a convenient place to put your towel or to relax and dry off in the sun and fresh air before returning to real life.

8. Add A Pathway

If you want to make your outdoor shower feel even more grand, create a unique pathway that leads the way to your hidden oasis.

9. Incorporate Fun Tiles

Add special design details and a pop of color by incorporating unique Spanish tiles into the design of your outdoor shower.

10. Make It Lush

Embrace your natural surroundings by incorporating greenery. Showering outdoors surrounded by palm leaves and foliage will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation.