Dinnerware Trends of 2019

There is nothing quite as beautiful as gathering around the table with your friends and family.  Sharing both memories and meals is a part of our everyday ritual, one that is made even more special by the food you choose to serve, and the plates you choose to serve it on. Beautiful dinnerware complements your meals, sets the tone for your at-home dining experiences and expresses your personal style. You can go over-the-top fancy, elegantly minimal, or tastefully colorful.

Let’s investigate some of the current dinnerware trends we are seeing popping up in restaurants, on Pinterest, and even at weddings! We’ll be looking at flatware, drinking vessels, and dinnerware, as well as styling and color palettes.


  • Colors - Neutrals, Matte Finishes, Blue, Mauve, White, Black, Blue / White Pattern, Black / White Pattern

  • Styling - Monochromatic Color Palettes, Mixing Materials, Layering

  • Materials - Wood, Ceramic / Earthenware, Brass, Copper

  • Flatware - Brass / Copper Flatware, Skinny Handles, Two -Toned, Black

  • Dinnerware - Low-Profile, Minimal, Practical


The biggest trend in flatware we are seeing right now is this super sleek but organic skinny handle shape typically combined with a two tone finish in brass, copper or black. We love the sleek and luxurious look of the 24k gold & wood flatware by Casa de Perrin.


The dinnerware you choose to purchase speaks volume about your personality. It helps set the tone for you dining experience whether it’s a romantic dinner a casual brunch. Overall we are seeing trends toward low-profile, minimal, durable and practical table settings that are made of melamine as well as handmade earthenware and stoneware by companies like US based, East Fork Pottery.


We’ve seen a strong trend towards neutrals, matte finishes, earthy blues, mauves and hues of grey - but that doesn’t mean prints are totally out of the picture. Blue and white patterns are making a comeback along with minimalist geometric shapes. Take a look at some of the examples below and less us know what color palettes you like best!


Materials and styling choices create the aesthetic and tell the story of your tabletop. Overall we are noticing monochromatic color palettes combined with mixing materials like wood or earthenware with brass and copper. Add in a few extra textures with napkins and florals and you’re that much closer to the dinner party of your dreams. Check out a few of our favorite examples below!


When styling your tabletop, there really isn’t a right or wrong. The most important piece of advice is to choose something that feels like you. Layering always adds dimension to your setting, combining different materials and textures will help make your tabletop feel more rich and give it a more lived in but still formal feel. When in doubt, stick with neutrals or a monochromatic color scheme and add in a bit of whimsy with patterned or vintage napkins. Most importantly, spend time enjoying the food you are cooking and the company you are sharing it with.