Get to Know Steen Bojsen-Møller - F10 Creative Beverage Director

The man, the myth, the legend, Steen Bojsen-Møller. Steen is not only our beloved New Zealander, complete with an amazing accent and sarcastic personality but he is also the Beverage Director of F10 Creative. He’s also a co-owner of Seymour’s and Toucans Tiki Lounge, bar’s we all know and love here in PS. Moving from Auckland, New Zealand to LA in 2009, Steen started working with Acme Bar Group at the Library Bar. In April of 2010 he was the opening GM of Spring St. Bar in DTLA, which was instrumental in the revitalization of the Historic Core. In late 2014, Steen made the move to Palm Springs to work with Tara Lazar, a friend of 20 years and founder of F10 Creative. We sat down with Steen over cocktails at Seymour’s to get his take on current cocktail culture.

Wait…what? Avocado , Seymour’s Image credit:  Sarah Dickenson

Wait…what? Avocado, Seymour’s
Image credit: Sarah Dickenson

F10 - How did you initially get into bartending?

SB - I actually applied for a job in room service at a new hotel when I was 19 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Restaurant Manager told me he wouldn’t let me go into that department and that he was putting me behind the bar. Our opening weekend we hosted the Australian Rugby team...I was petrified.

F10 - What other field or occupation did you consider going into?

SB - I entertained going to Veterinarian School and as soon as I found out it was 7 years minimum, I reconsidered. I wanted to be out in the working public not stuck in school.

F10 - Is there an emerging trend that you think will change the bartending world?

A Collection of Cocktails,  Birba  Image credit:  Sarah Dickenson

A Collection of Cocktails, Birba
Image credit: Sarah Dickenson

SB - It’s changing all the time and no one thing will change the way drinks are made. I think we are more conscious of waste and what we leave behind now though. 

F10 - What new idea or innovation is having the most significant impact on how people think about cocktails?

SB - Books aren’t new but there are some killer cocktail books and menus around now. My personal favorites are the menus from The Dead Rabbit in NYC. 

F10 - Where is your favorite hidden gem in the Palm Springs area to grab a drink? And what do you usually order?

SB – Be silly not to say Seymour’s and I drink a Brooklyn or a Johnny Drum Manhattan..I honestly love the vibe in here. I also like Counter Reformation at the Parker for Champagne. Truss & Twine for The Hotel Nacional. It’s delicious and I want to steal it and put it on at Birba..that ok Dave?

F10 - What do you like most about living in Palm Springs?

SB - Working with inspired and motivated people along with the weather, golfing and swimming.

F10 - What inspires your cocktail menu’s? And what is your favorite drink on the menu at Seymour’s right now?

SB - We don’t really do a seasonal menu release at Seymour’s. We take cocktails off if they stop selling and replace them by consensus. If you’re in the bar when we go through this process, chances are you’ll get to taste some hits and some misses...last time around we had some guests weigh in on ingredients and Big Trouble in Little TJ was born. That and the Thyme after Thyme are my current favorites.

F10 - What gets you most excited about your work on a daily basis?

SB - Back to working with inspired and motivated people..we have a really strong team at F10. Every day can be different and we are constantly looking for areas to be better and how to grow, that’s pretty exciting.

F10 - Are there any drink trends that you wish would go away? If so, why?

SB - Any cocktail that requires a beer bottle upside down in it. 

F10 - If you could make a drink that describes Palm Springs, what would it be and why?

SB - The Desert Yardarm at Seymour’s. It’s not on the current menu but the boys behind the bar know it well Vodka, Yellow Chartreuse, Basil, Lemon Juice, Orange Bitters. It’s tall, refreshing and a little floral….and, not too sweet

F10 - At the end of a long day what are you most likely to pour yourself?

SB – the hot tub.

F10 - Who are three people you'd put in a bartending Hall of Fame?

SB - If there was such a thing:

  • Joe Brooke, works for 86 Spirits Co, in particular Fords Gin. Total Pro. 

  • Zane Tessay, Felix Tipper and Matt Burkett. Seymour’s wouldn’t be what it is without them…so that’s 4, sorry.

If you’re wondering what we can expect from Steen in the years to come - his plan is to open 3 more bars, in 3 years and we are excited to see what he comes up with!

F10 prides itself on having innovative menus, we believe that adding fresh signature cocktails to your event always makes you and and your guest feel special. If you want to find out more about culinary and beverage programs visit us at F10 Creative!