El Gato Skateboard Classic- Legend's Jam Session

image 1 - eddie elguera image 2 - tony hawk - image 3 - eddie elguera image 4 - eddie elguera, jim gray, steve caballero (clockwise)

"They weren't just guys who dominated competition, but they were also skateboarders who invented some of the most revolutionary maneuvers out of that entire decade." —Stacy Peralta, Bones Brigade

Eddie "El Gato" Elguera is a skateboarding pioneer.  He is a two-time skateboard champion and has helped mentor and advance some of the industries biggest household names including Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero and he also happens to live here locally in Palm Desert!  Eddie can be found spending a lot of his time at the Palm Springs skatepark, riding alongside the town's youth.  Although I personally don't know too much about skateboarding, I grew up with a lot of guy friends who loved the sport and have watched many a documentary to appreciate what I was seeing this weekend here in town.  (If you haven't seen it check out Bones Brigade on Netflix!)  Eddie created the El Gato Classic in an effort to bring together and celebrate what he refers to as the riders of "the revolutionary age of skateboarding,"  such as Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Jim Gray, Tony Magnusson, Dave Hackett, Christian Hosoi and so many more.  It was amazing to see how many young riders came to the event,  I can only imagine how inspired they were seeing the inventors of tricks they can only aspire to achieve riding them out a few feet away.  My biggest take away from the El Gato Classic was that skateboarding truly is a family sport, from the youngsters watching the event with their parents to the deep respect and admiration you can tell the riders have for each other .  I look forward to the El Gato Classic becoming an annual event in town because I think it brings together the city's generations in a way other events can't.  Until next year!  Thanks for a great event Eddie! xx sarah

image 5 - eddie elguera, image 6 - dave hackett, image 7 - steve caballero image 8 - legends watching tony magnusson