I popped over to Lyon's the other day to see how things were going and I cannot wait to share the finished space with everyone!  Above are a few of the design elements / textures / colors that Lyons is being designed around to give you a glimpse into what the aesthetic of the restaurant will be!  As you can see there's a nice balance of hard and soft, modern and traditional and almost what I would say a warm elegance.  I know they are keeping quite a few of the restaurants original items and I can't wait to see how they incorporate them into the new space!  I'll be sharing an interview with Brent Kanbayashi, the architectural designer behind Lyon's, Birba and Jiao (just to name a few) next week, where we'll be talking more about the design of the restaurant as well as how it fits into the ever growing dining culture of Palm Springs! Happy weekend everyone! xx sarah