A Look Into Birba's New Pasta Menu

Making pasta by hand is a time honored Italian tradition, one that is lost in most modern day households as it is so readily available and inexpensive to purchase.  In an effort to honor their Italian routes and pay homage to this tradition, Birba launched a new pasta menu a few weeks ago featuring a variety of hand made pasta dishes!  I had the pleasure of going into their kitchen and photographing a little bit of the process of how their ricotta and mint raviolis are made.  I've never been to Italy, but chatting with Joe, Birba's sous chef about life and our roots, as he rolled out the dough and formed each little square by hand, made me feel as if I was in Italy chatting with an old friend around the kitchen table.  You can truly taste the time, love and care that goes into each of these dishes.  For me, knowing that someone took the time to fill each of the raviolis on my plate individually, really made me sit down and not only taste but appreciate each of the components in the dish, out of respect for the food and for the person who made them!  Well?  What are you waiting for!  Head on over to Birba with some friends and try out a few (personally I love the raviolis and the pappardelle but they are all great!) xx sarah