My Waffle Addiction & a Customer's Thank You Note

Cheeky's serves some of the most delicious and fluffy Gluten Free waffles that I've ever tried! Although I don't have a gluten allergy myself, I do have plenty of friends who do, to know that the struggle to find a good tasting waffle is real.  Whether you like them simple and unadorned or smothered in ice cream and bananas, there is just something so classic about a waffle breakfast. We love pleasing our patrons at Cheeky's and Birba and are always over the moon when anyone goes out of the way to share their appreciation for our food.  In honor of Thanksgiving and in the name of gratitude I wanted to share this email that we received from a Mom who had breakfast at Cheeky's awhile back...

"Greetings! My family and I came to Palm Springs for some sun from Portland, Oregon last week and became addicted to your gluten free waffles. You see, my daughter can't eat gluten and so is usually unable to enjoy things like pancakes, waffles, etc. When she took a bite of your waffle she stopped and looked at me and said, "This is the best thing I've ever eaten." I know it is a long shot but I'm wondering if you would be willing to give me your recipe. I am so desperate to find things to feed her and she was just so happy eating your waffle. So many of these gf recipes taste like cardboard but you have perfected the gf waffle!  We will be in again on our next trip for sure.

Thanks for an amazing breakfast!!!"

Although we can't necessarily share our recipe, I can tell you that a lot of the magic of these waffles happens in the industrial waffle press that we use to cook our batter and that any good dish starts with great high quality ingredients!  In any service industry profession, notes like these are what keep us loving what we do!  There is nothing better then knowing you provided an enjoyable and memorable experience for a guest or client!  If you haven't come in to Cheeky's to try the waffles hopefully you will now! 

xx sarah

photography by Sarah Dickenson