The FWORD + F10

The goal of the FWORD is to explore innovative concepts in food, drink, hospitality, art, design, travel, lifestyle + culture.
From interviews of local farmers and artists, to sharing in our love of modern design and the California lifestyle, the FWORD hopes to shed light on the uniqueness of our desert community and beyond!


 F10 Creative is an eclectic, creative + “cheeky” tribe of hospitality kinfolk who have made Palm Springs our home.
We’ve traveled the globe + landed in the desert to create the food + drink oasis of our dreams.

 Craving sunny vibes and brunch all day? Meet us at Cheeky’s. A midsummer night in Tuscany, pasta-heaped + wine-imbued? Welcome to Birba. The perfect, rosy steak amid glamorous, Old Hollywood environs? Here’s looking at you, Mr. Lyons. A nightcap—or a night out—with a proper cocktail in a moody backbar? Cheers to Seymour’s. Diving into a splashy pool season-weekender in Palm Springs? Sweet dreams at Alcazar, our 34-room hotel. Want to have it all at your doorstep? F10 Catering, at your service.