Meet Chef Marco - Q&A with The Man Behind Birba's Homemade Pasta

Our little Italian eatery has become well known and loved for its variety of handmade pastas - the Tagliatelle being a personal favorite of mine. The secret behind our beloved Tagliatelle is the man who makes it, Chef Marco Saba. He was born and raised in Italy, which means his passion for quality food and his straightforward, but jovial nature is pretty much a birthright.

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Caxton-LOCAL 622 @ Birba

I absolutely cannot wait to hear Caxton play at Local 622 this Thursday, February 12th at Birba!!  They are an alternative indie pop band based out of Palm Desert who have been gaining a solid following for quite some time!  Please do yourself a favor and check them out on itunes (Something Human and Do I Know You? are two of my faves!)  They have played countless venues across Southern California including The Viper Room, House of Blues, Glasshouse and the Roxy, just to name a few!  If you aren't familiar with our Local 622 live music showcase it is every Thursday night at Birba from 7-930 and it is not to be missed!  So come join us for some cocktails, pizza and great music!  Learn more about Caxton below!

photo by Jon Perlo

photo by Jon Perlo

Your Name - Christina Reyes
Band Name - Caxton
Band Member Names - Adam Surdin (guitar), Brett McLaughlin (bass/vox), Brian Pelletier (drums), Christina Reyes (vox/keys)

How did you get started? 
Adam, Brett, and Brian started playing music together in the desert during middle school and continued through college. In 2005, Adam and I met while studying music in Los Angeles. By 2008, Adam wanted to move back out to the Coachella Valley to reunite with Brett and Brian. He asked if I would be willing to do the same and the rest is history.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?
That's a tough one since it's constantly changing. Musically, I'd say we're mostly inspired by the artists we grew up listening to (classic rock, punk, jazz, etc). Lyrically, we draw from stories in pop culture, social issues, and personal experience. We share a lot of the same influences but we also have such diverse tastes and interests that I think explain our eclectic sound.

Do you have any loves other than music?
Music is definitely in the foreground for us but we have some other hobbies, for sure. I'm big on reading books and traveling as often as possible. Brian is really into camping and fishing, he digs being outdoors. Adam has a keen eye for art. Whether he's at a gallery/museum or framing it himself, he definitely knows what's good. Brett was a film major in college and super artistically gifted. In fact, he's responsible for most of our flyer and posters. You can catch him splicing up vintage footage and even drawing full blown cartoons for our music videos. As a group, we're all also really into trying new/local beers, watching weird shows on Netflix, and being probably too into our pets. 

What do you think about when you're performing?
I can't speak for everyone, but for the most part, I think we're all just in the moment. We feed off the energy in the crowd so when they're hyped, so are we. After almost 7 years together, I'm still so humbled by the love and encouragement we have out here. Sometimes when I look out and see people dancing and singing along, I'm overwhelmed by the constant amount of support. Plus, it never gets old playing with your best friends. We honestly just have a blast every time we get together. 

What else can we expect from you in the future?
We're currently in the midst of writing our new album. We've released a few singles and EPs in the past year so now we're working on another full-length record. Most exciting, however, is our race to play Tachevah this year. We made the finals again and are hoping to go all the way this time. Our showcase is Wednesday February 25 at The Hood in Palm Desert and would love to see everyone there for support. 

What’s the best advice you've ever been given?
We've been given a ton of great advice over the years. I think what stands out most often for us though is to never give up and always remember how great those small victories feel. This isn't an easy industry by any means and that isn't lost on us. We are so grateful for all the amazing opportunities we've had so far and we use all the support we receive to fuel our drive even further. 

Who are you currently listening to?
It's constantly changing but for me, it's The Pixies, Devo, and The Smiths. Other artists we're hip on right now are Dr. Dog, Tame Impala, Jack White, and The Strokes. 

What is your secret food craving?
Nothing too secret. I'm a total sushi lady and we're always up for a good za (pizza that is for us less- hip folk, yes I asked just incase maybe it was some super awesome new food I had been missing out on!)

Do you have any hidden talents?
90s trivia. Nobody can touch us on that.

Is there anything else you’d want us or readers to know?!  Tachevah! That's really where our immediate focus is right now since our chance to play is coming up in just a couple weeks. Beyond that, we have acoustic shows at Wolfgang Puck's (Feb 11), Birba (Feb 12), Schmidy's (Mar 6), and Plan B (Mar 12). We're stoked on writing this new record and can't wait for everyone to hear it. Thanks to everyone for the awesome support over the years, we seriously appreciate it.

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Interview - Brent Kanbayashi, Architectural Designer of Mr. Lyon's

Brent Kanbayashi is a designer with a background in architecture and fine art from UC Berkeley.  As both an artist and designer, Brent brings an extraordinarily high level of craftsmanship to every project that he participates in.  His love of Japanese art combined with his understanding of design, composition and form has developed into an aesthetic revolving around the core concepts of minimalism, balance, and austerity.  He has the innate ability to design things that are both beautiful yet understated at the same time.

Brent has worked with Foundation 10 on multiple projects including designing both Birba and Jiao and now our soon to open, Mr. Lyon’s.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss Mr. Lyon’s and its design as well as its place here in Palm Springs.  Brent approached the project as an exercise in learning how to successfully embrace the building's history and character yet provide something new at the same time.  The restaurant is designed to give a romantic nod to where Palm Springs came from, early Hollywood and the 1940’s art deco period while simultaneously having a contemporary feel.  He said one of his favorite parts of the project so far has been uncovering original facades and figuring out a way to adaptively reuse elements of the building in a new way.

A similar approach has been taken when designing the restaurants culinary program, as a classic steakhouse with evolved sides the goal will be creating fresh, inspired, seasonal dishes while maintaining respect for the classics. Tara Lazar (Chef/Owner) "Mr. Lyons is a a modern steakhouse with its roots in the past- timeless cocktails in the tobacco stained lounge will offer a distinctly more casual experience, while a grand marble dining room with side table service brings back the elegance and warmth of personal hospitality." I think it will be a great addition to the Palm Springs Steak house experience-It’s all for the food in the end,” says Brent and the same level of care and thoughtfulness that has been given to the menu at Cheeky’s and Birba will be evident in the menu at Mr. Lyon’s as well.

"Mr. Lyon's re-imagined spring of 2015"

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We are currently hiring for all positions at Mr. Lyon's, if you are interesed in applying please send your resume to!

Robbie Owen of Waxy at Local 622!

What is Local 622?  Incase you didn't know, Local 622 is a self-produced event from F10 and Qulture Qreative with a focus on our desert community of artists.  It is a weekly live music showcase featuring a unique and eclectic mix of artists, song writers and musicians from around the Coachella Valley!  Some are even a part of our F10 family!!  In an effort to raise awareness of the amazing and diverse talent we have here in the desert my goal is to feature the Local 622 artists on the blog so you can learn a little bit about their music, talents, bands and more!

**Local 622 is every Thursday night at Birba from 7-930pm!**

Tomorrow night (February 5th), Birba has the distinct pleasure of hosting Robbie Owen of Waxy and War Drum!  His bands are known for playing desert rock n roll but I'm hoping he will grace us with some of his amazing acoustic solo songs!  I met Robbie last year, he is a great friend, musician and has one of the most giving and generous souls of anyone I know!  I also had the pleasure of taking pictures of Robbie and some of the WAXY band mates last year, if you want to see more you can check them out here!

NAME - Robert Owen
BAND NAME(S) - WAXY and War Drum
WAXY Jeff Bowman – Drums / Dylan Brown – Bass / Jack Kohler – Keys / Damian Lautiero – Guitar / Robert Owen – guitar and vocals
War Drum
Jack Kohler – Keys and Vocals / Peter Leighton – Drums / Ehren Groban – guitar / Robert Owen - Bass
GENRE - Rock and Roll

Where are you based out of?
I am based out of the Coachella Valley.  I grew up in Palm Springs.  I’m a Desert Rat!

How did you get started?
I got into playing and recording music sort of late.  I was fifteen when I first started playing guitar.  A lot of kids are really good at that age already and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I asked my Dad for a Les Paul and he gave me his old beat up acoustic, which I still have!  Music came very natural and it just went from there.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?
Inspiration is so special when it comes but if you wait for it, you’ll be waiting a long time.  Everything inspires me.  The desert, personal relationships, imagination and the moment are all key ingredients to my writing and collaborations.  When I’m in the present and able to let go of all other distractions for a few hours, that is when I’m at my most clairvoyant.

Do you have any loves other than music?
Well I love all the arts with a passion!  I love my girlfriend Linda and my family.  I love and appreciate sports and the purity within them.  I love to travel and taking long walks off of short piers .. ;)

What do you think about when you’re performing?
One of the nicest things about performing live is the ability to not think too much at all.  I’m just vibing with the music and the interplay with the other musicians.  Playing and writing music is an emotional experience so sometimes it can get really intense but mostly I just think how lucky I am to get to do this.

What else can we expect from you in the future?
Well, WAXY is finishing up our sophomore effort.  Our new record should be mixed and ready to unleash by the end of March this year.  I also have plans to tour in the UK in April with War Drum as well as future tours and music videos with WAXY.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Always do the right thing...

Who are you currently listening to?
Tame Impala, Black Angeles, Queen, The Decedents

What is your secret food craving?
There are no secrets with me…….Love ice cream yet try not to eat it….ever.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can do circus tricks with my tongue…..private invite only.

Don't forget to check out WAXY at The Purple Room Friday, February 20th and at The Hood Wednesday, February 25th!

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